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Mohegan Sun Welcome Bonus

Bonus code featureBonus description
The codeThe bonus code is 1000FREE
Free no deposit bonus amountnot available in Mohegan Sun Casino
Match bonus100% up to $1000
Wagering requirement10 times the deposit and bonus
Time to fulfill the requirements30 days

Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus Code

You just can’t beat this Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus Code 1000FREE. For new players, The Mohegan Sun Casino online will deposit up to $1,000 in your account after you make a deposit. They will match up to your first $1,000 of deposits! They will give you free money to play! Enter the Mohegan Casino bonus code 1000FREE when prompted to receive this great advantage.Mohegan sun casino bonus code

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The Mohegan Sun Casino Deals you are receiving is up to $1,000 free on your first deposit. You also receive the daily promo free spin, for a chance to win up to $3 million dollars! With the Mohegan Sun Casino Promo Code 1000FREE, the sky is the limit! Enter the Mohegan Sun Casino bonus code 1000FREE to take advantage of this great Mohegan Sun Casino Deal.

What You Will Find in Our Mohegan Sun Casino Review

Mohegan sun bonus code

In this informative review, you will find all the information you need to begin playing at the Mohegan Sun Casino Online. From deposits and withdrawals to game play, graphics reviews, and so much more, everything you need to know about the Mohegan Sun Casino online will be discussed. You’ll be ready to sign up and win!

About Mohegan Sun

The Mohegan Sun Casino was launched in 1996, and is owned and operated by the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut. It is a world class destination resort. Actually, the Mohegan Sun Casino contains three casinos in one. They boast a Casino of the Earth, Casino of the Sky, and the Casino of the Wind. All are separate gaming areas with different themes. The Mohegan Sun facility also contains a spa, convention center, and is often home to world class entertainment and sporting events. The Mohegan Sun is home to a WNBA team, the Connecticut Sun.

Currently, there is a Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, in Pennsylvania, and the Mohegan Tribe has been granted a license to open a gaming facility in South Korea.


The Mohegan Sun Casino online is operated in a partnership with Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. All players must be 21 years old or older, and to play for real money must physically be located in New Jersey because of the location of Resorts Casino which operates the Mohegan Sun Casino online platform.

The Mohegan Sun Casino online platform works on the NYX Gaming platform. This company is known throughout the world. The web based program does not need to be downloaded. In the future, Mohegan Sun, Resorts Casino, and Pokerstars have launched a joint venture poker site as well, going live in March of 2016.

NYX Gaming will also supply the online casino software with the Golden Nugget Casino.


Where to find the Mohegan Sun APP

The Mohegan Sun Casino App to play the Mohegan Sun Casino Mobile games can be found in the App Store for Apple devices, or in Google Play for Android devices. It is called Mohegan Sun Online Casino. Download the Mohegan Sun Casino App from the appropriate place, and you will be prompted to register for use. The app seems to be small and streamlined, and does not take long to download. Personal computers, Android and I Phone devices are all supported and can be used to play on the Mohegan Sun Casino online.

Registration in the Mohegan Sun Casino

Registration takes place in a very simple and easy to follow process.

  • Click the “join now” button at the top of the page
  • Provide a current email address and pick a password. Your email and password combo will be used to access your account. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long, and have a minimum of 1 number.
  • Provide a few basic pieces of information. Name, gender, date of birth. You will also be asked for the last 4 digits of your social security number, primarily for identity verification and to ensure you are of age to be using the Mohegan Sun Online Casino.
  • Provide your current address. Mohegan Sun Casino online will not share your address, but it is also used primarily for identity verification.
  • Security questions can be used to access your information in the case you forget your login or password information. You will not be asked your security questions each time you login, but they will be used to access your account in case you forget.
  • Now is the time to enter the Mohegan Casino bonus code 1000FREE. Read the three statements at the bottom of the page, and click each box to ensure you agree.
  • One box states you are over 21 and accept the terms and conditions provided by Mohegan Sun Casino online.
  • One box states all information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you are not a key casino employee in a New Jersey casino or simulcast facility. Most states and casinos provide limitations on top executives and their use of casinos, either online or live, because top executives have access to secure information about the daily operations of the casino.
  • The final box states you will prohibit anyone else from using your Mohegan Sun Casino online account.
  • Click register.
  • Registration has been completed, and it’s time to enjoy this fabulous app!

Who can play

Anyone can use the app, provided they are of age for free play or demo play. Also, under New Jersey Law, players must be “physically” present in New Jersey to use this app and play for real money. The obvious question is, how do they know if I’m physically in New Jersey? The Mohegan Sun Casino online uses a process called “Geolocation”.

Geolocation and the appropriate technology comes through a small plugin installed on your computer or mobile device. On most newer mobile phones, there is nothing to install, but your “location services” button needs to be turned on. This is a similar technology used by 911 to locate you in case of an emergency. Essentially, your phone sends a signal through the plugin to ensure your location.

If your location returns as being out of the New Jersey area, you will not be allowed to use the app due to gaming regulations.

Free or Real Money or Mohegan Casino Bonus Code

You can play for free on the Mohegan Sun Casino online, trying out the amazing different slots with second to none graphic displays. There are plenty of different games to choose from. The proximity regulation of having to be physically located in New Jersey does not apply for free or demo play. Anyone can use this feature of the Mohegan Sun Casino App.

You also have the option, again subject to gaming regulations, to deposit and play for real money. You can experience the lights and sounds of the Mohegan Sun Casino online directly from the comfort of your home, on your own personal mobile device!

There are several different forms of payment you can use for a deposit. E-check, MasterCard, Visa, Online bank transfer, The MoheganSun Card, Personal checks, and more. While visiting the Mohegan Sun Casino physically, you can also deposit to your online account at any one of the cashiers cage.

Other Promotions

While the physical Mohegan Sun Casino has many different types of promotions, the Mohegan Sun Casino online is filled with promotions as well. You can win a brand new Camaro. There is a $3 million dollar daily spin wheel. You can get your player level upgraded, and also earn Momentum dollars. These and many more are just the current promotions being offered at the Mohegan Sun Casino online. Just log in to your Mohegan Sun Casino Mobile App and win!

Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus Code

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Congratulations! You’ve been fortunate enough to win some money while visiting the Mohegan Sun Casino online. You want to “take your money and run” You can contact the customer service team online, and they will walk you through the process of withdrawing your money.

Currently, you may withdraw money from your Mohegan Sun Casino online account from the cashier cage located inside the casino. You will need to produce a government issued identification for processing. Instant check or bank transfer is also available. With a bank account and routing number, the bank transfer process will be done for you.


There are many different titles for your enjoyment under the slots section of the Mohegan Sun Casino online. From different titles like Guns and Roses, Wild Rodeo, Jimi Hendrix, and many, many more, you are sure to find a game you will enjoy in this section.

Guns and Roses
The Guns and Roses machine is a twenty-line machine with varying bets. Music from the group, Guns and Roses plays in the background while you enjoy your gaming experience. The theme of the machine is appropriate for it’s name, with members of the group Slash, Axel Rose, guitars, and many other music themed items on the pay lines. It also contains the Appetite of Destruction Wild symbol, Encore Free Spins, and the Crowd Pleaser bonus game.

Made by NetEnt, this machine is playable both on your PC and mobile device. This machine was enjoyable, and for many, the music will bring back memories of the 1980’s. This is just an example of one of the many great games offered on the Mohegan Sun Casino App!

Jimi Hendrix
The Jimi Hendrix machine is also a twenty-line machine with varying bets. Music from Jimi Hendrix himself, including Foxy Lady, Voodoo Child, and many other songs play in the background.

The game has an appropriate feel to it, with peace symbols, flowers, sunglasses, and other items that have a Hendrix type feel to them. It is a five-reel game. The Jimi Hendrix machine also contains the legends spin feature, which gives players extra spins containing extra wilds. The encore bonus gives the player ten free spins, and also contains extra wilds. With Mohegan Sun Casino Mobile, you’ll be able to listen to great music and play.

Quick Hit Platinum
The Quick Hit Platinum machine, common at many locations across the United States, is a five reel, thirty-line game. The “Quick Hit” symbol pays as a multiplier, and at some locations even a jackpot where they will have an individual amount for five quick hits or higher. It contains A,K,Q,J,10 as the major symbols, common to many machines. It is an enjoyable game to play, and the graphics are excellent. The pay lines are clearly marked, and the pay lines light up when a winning sequence is achieved. Who doesn’t want to use the Mohegan Sun Casino Mobile now?

Unique features

Inside the Mohegan Sun Casino online app, there are several unique features which make it even more fun to use.

Gamble your winnings

  • Gamble – On select games, you have the chance to bet against the “house” to double, or even quadruple your winnings. After a win, a button will say “gamble.”
  • Click the button to gamble your winnings.
  • Pick a color (red or black) or choose one of four suits (hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds)

A dealer will produce a random card. If you guessed correctly, you will win. A correct color is worth double, and a correct suit quadruples your winnings. It’s that easy!

Super bet

  • Place your bet as normal.
  • Click the super bet button. All lines will automatically be selected.
  • Several symbols will turn to wild symbols. A wild multiplier may increase as well.

Slide a wild
Slide a wild allows you to move a wild symbol from the first reel to any of the other reels.

Up Wild
On certain games, the wild symbol will climb up the reels and bring more wilds as well.

Select a Play
With the select a play feature, you can choose games with a high number of free spins and a lower prize multiplier, or opt for a low number of free games with a higher winning multiplier.


Roulette is a common casino game, enjoyed by many. There are 37 numbers on a wheel. 1-36 and 0. There are other variations of this game where the roulette wheel contains two zeros. 0 and 00 are often seen in roulette as wheel, but the Mohegan Sun Casino App has a single zero roulette game. Ultimately, the Mohegan Sun Casino online is improving your odds before you start!

The object of the game is to make a bet on the roulette board, and have the dealer spin the wheel, and the ball fall in your corresponding number. Depending on the bet, the payouts for this game will vary. A number straight up pays 36 to 1. Only betting red or black (the number is irrelevant for this bet, only the color matters) pays even money. Odds in a roulette game may vary slightly, depending on the game and location.

The roulette game on the Mohegan Sun Casino App is very enjoyable and straightforward. The feel of the game is very similar to that of a casino roulette wheel. The chips are stacked behind the wheel as they should be, where the dealer would normally stand. In this game, you can choose whether or not you want sound to be played on your PC or mobile device.

It is very easy to bet. Just click on the roulette board where the number is located that you want to bet on. If you want to bet red, click the red color. You can also change your bet and bet size, clear all bets, and automatically re-bet your last bets and spin again.

There is a dropdown menu located at the top of the screen where you can visit the cashier, see the payable, and change games. This is an excellent game for many to play, and is a great addition to the Mohegan Sun Casino App!


Blackjack is the most common of all casino table games. There are many variations of blackjack, but the object is the same. The object of blackjack is to make your cards add up to 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over, and get higher than the dealer.

The blackjack game on the Mohegan Sun Casino online is very easy to understand. Your cards, as well as the dealer cards, are clearly displayed. You can choose whether or not you want sound to play on your mobile or PC device.

There is a highlighted round circle in the middle of the screen for your bet. You can change your bet amount, clear your bets, bet double the amount of your last bet, and more. After the cards are dealt, you may also have the option to split your cards, essentially making two hands, or double down, betting twice your original amount. These options will vary on location and game type.

The blackjack app is very easy to play. It also shows when you win, lose, or get blackjack, and how much you are payed is clearly marked.

There is a dropdown menu at the top of the screen as well on the blackjack game, where you can return to the lobby, read the rules of blackjack, and visit the cashier.

Responsible Gaming

In the drop down menu, there is also a section on responsible gaming. In this section, you will read about all the different companies involved in the process of using the Mohegan Sun Online Casino app. You will also read about different rules and regulations, and problem gaming help numbers. It is the responsibility of everyone, both casino and player alike, to ensure everyone enjoys gaming at a responsible level. Many casinos, including Mohegan Sun, clearly make help numbers available for those in need. These numbers are easily and clearly accessible throughout the app as well as the website platform. The Mohegan Sun Casino offers a free link to a live chat online, where the chat specialists are trained in problem gambling recognition. As you can see, the Mohegan Sun Casino wants to put it’s best foot forward in dealing with this serious problem, and is trying to offer as much help as possible.

Mohegan Casino Bonus

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Self-exclusion is available for guests who can’t seem to get their gambling under control. A form is filled out, notarized, and sent back in, and you will be banned from using the website or mobile application.

Underage gambling
The legal age of gambling in Connecticut is 21 years old. This holds true for use of the mobile or PC app as well. You are prompted to confirm if you are over 21 years old while using the Mohegan Sun Casino App.

Other tips

You may come across terms or items that are unfamiliar to you while using the Mohegan Sun Online Casino application. This is designed to help you decipher those terms- Cash out slider – A cash out slider is in the cash out screen. Simply, it is a sliding tool to determine how much you would like to cash out. Slide it to the right, and cash out more.

UCB01 – You may see an error message with the code UCB01. This message means you are trying to withdraw funds from your account prior to reaching the preset bonus level qualifiers. Let’s say you have to play 1,000 hands of blackjack before any of your bonus money is available to cash out. If you play 900 hands, and try to cash out, you will probably get a UCB01 message.

Quick deposit – A quick deposit occurs after you’ve reached a certain number of deposits, and the financial portion of the application has enough information to believe your deposits are not at risk of not clearing. Usually, there is a predetermined button that says “quick deposit” Click that, click the appropriate amount, and get back to playing. You don’t have to wait until your deposit clears or anything else, your funds will be available immediately.


Support is available for all users directly on the software as well as the website. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone support is also available at 1 800 407 9167. Email support is available at


The Mohegan Sun, Resorts World, and NYX Gaming have hit a home run with this application. It is very easy to use, simple, and straightforward. It allows users to experience a casino like feel from the comfort of their own home. For those located in New Jersey, real money play is also available. The bonus offered on the initial deposit is one of the best in the industry, however, it only works with the Mohegan Casino Bonus Code 1000FREE. With the addition of the Pokerstars brand recently, The Mohegan Sun Casino application has no limits as to how popular it could become. Market share has increased in the Igaming space, and as mentioned, the addition of poker players is another huge step in creating an industry leading application.

More Information

We hope this review has proved to be insightful as to the great offerings of the Mohegan Sun Online Casino. For more information, visit, or the parent website,

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