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Resorts Casino Bonus

Bonus type:Bonus description:
Deposit bonus:100% UP TO $1,000
Minimum deposit: $10
Resorts Casino Bonus code:100FREE

Resorts Casino Bonus Code

To get a lucrative casino bonus at Resorts Online Casino, all you need is the simple bonus code: 100FREE. It gives you exclusive access to a special promotional offer giving you a 100% matching bonus on your initial deposit into your account. Read on to get the lowdown on the Resorts Casino Bonus Code and all the relevant information on how to redeem your bonus code, including what this bonus code gives you, how to redeem the offer, what kind of games you can expect to find in the Resorts Casino online and useful tips on how to make the most out of your bonus.

Resorts casino bonus code

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Resorts Casino Promo Code

So you have the Resorts Casino Bonus Code, but what exactly does it do? This bonus code is special because it gives you exclusive access to one of the best bonuses on the internet. When you sign up and enter the bonus code, you can receive a 100% matching bonus based on the initial deposit you make to fund your new account at Resorts Casino online. The bonus code makes it possible for you to redeem a bonus of up to $1,000, absolutely free. And to qualify, there is not very much required of you, except that you must put in $10 into your account. That’s not too bad, and gives you quite good chances when you apply it to funding your wagers on the site.

How to Apply for Your Bonus

Getting your bonus is simple and fast when you go through the basic steps to apply the bonus code and redeem the bonus. Here is what you have to do:

Open an Account

Sign up for an account on the Resorts Casino main page. Click on the green “Join Now” button at the top of the page to get started. Then fill in the necessary details as directed. You’ll be prompted to enter your name, address, email address, etc, in order to sign up.

Apply the Resorts Casino Bonus Code

Once you have set up your account, you need to apply the code in order to activate it on your account. After you have entered the code: 100FREE, you’ll be eligible to use it on your account. To check on it and to see all the relevant details, just go to the “My Account” page from the home page, then click on “Coupons”, where you can view any promotional offers which are active on your account.

Meet the Offer Requirements

In order to use the bonus code to get the most out of your bonus, you will need to meet all the relevant rules and terms of the promotion. Those are listed in the Promotions section of the website, and also under the specific offer listed in your Coupons section.

Resorts Casino Bonuscode

Bonus Offer Details

  • For the $1,000 deposit matching bonus, you need to make an initial deposit of a minimum of $10.
  • The amount you deposit in to your account will be matched 100% up to a maximum value of $1,000. That means that for every dollar you put in to your account, you can gain one dollar as a bonus. So if you put in $10, you will receive a $10 matching bonus, if you put in $100, you’ll get a $100 matching bonus, and if you make an initial deposit of $1,000, you will receive the maximum amount: a $1,000 bonus matching your initial deposit.
  • This deal only applies to the first deposit you make into the account, not to subsequent deposits, so use that first deposit wisely. You don’t want to put in too much, because it can mean you are tied down to one specific deal, but you also don’t want to put in too little, because then you can miss out on essentially free money.
  • You must redeem this offer within 30 days of setting up your new account.

Resorts Casino Games

Featuring tons of different games to play, all in one place, Resorts online casino has an excellent selection of slots, table games and more. Take a look at the many choices offered in the Resorts Casino.

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Deposits & Withdrawals

To make things as simple as possible, the deposit and withdrawal methods have been made very straightforward so there is not too much to get confused about here.

Making a Deposit

To add funds to your Resorts Casino account, simply select the amount you would like to add to your account and choose which method you would like to use to add the money.

Accepted Methods of Making a Deposit

  • Online bank transfer (including: Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Bank of America, Capital One, HSBC, Santander, and Chase)
  • E-checks (ACH)
  • Mastercard debit and credit cards
  • Visa debit and credit cards
  • Resorts Casino Hotel Cage
  • Resorts Card

Making a deposit into your Resorts Casino is totally free of charge, no matter which method you decide to go with. It’s possible that your bank or credit card company can add on certain charges for particular kinds of payments, so just check in with them before you make a deposit to make sure you will not end up paying more than you have to by surprise.

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Making a Withdrawal

You can choose between several different methods to withdraw winnings from your account.

Accepted Withdrawal Methods

  • Resorts Casino Hotel Cashier (you must show ID to receive your withdrawal)
  • Check by Mail (can take 7 to 10 days & there is a $500 minimum withdrawal limit)
  • Instant Bank Transfer (use routing number to have your withdrawn winnings deposited straight into your account)

Making a withdrawal from your Resorts Casino account is absolutely free of charge, whichever method you choose to use. Be aware that your bank may charge certain fees on credit card payments, so check in on this beforehand to make sure you do not end up being surprised by mystery charges.

Resorts Casino Mobile App

There is a mobile app version of the regular Resorts Casino site, specially tailored to fit your phone or tablet. Unfortunately there is only one version of the app. If you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, then you’re in luck, because the Resorts Casino mobile app is only available for iOS based devices. For everyone else with Android phones and tablets, Windows based devices and Blackberrys, you are simply out of luck, because there are no apps for this service which will work on your mobile device.

Resorts Casino_Bonus Cose

To get the Resorts Casino iOS Mobile App

Go to the iTunes Store and search for “Resorts Casino”, then click on “Get” and then “Install” and your download will begin instantly. Once the app has downloaded you can then open it and set it up with your account information. Using the app version of the Resorts Casino service is just like it is on the regular website, only specially optimised for mobile, so that the pages load in the correct size, the games work correctly using mobile connection and the interaction is also specially made for mobile, for example tapping, dragging, etc.

App Review

The app is definitely worth checking out for convenience sake, but it doesn’t get very good reviews on the iTunes store. Some customers complain about constant crashes with the app, but others appreciate the $20 bonus you get just for playing via the app.

Resorts Casino Promotions

Aside from the excellent welcome offer giving you up to a $1,000 matching bonus on your initial deposit, there are actually numerous different promotional offers you can get from their site. To take a look at what kind of deals are on at the moment, just go to the Resorts Casino website and click on “Promotions”. That will give you an up to date listing of every promotion which is active currently. From the overview, you can get an idea of what kinds of promotions Resorts Casinos has to offer and you can compare which ones might be worth trying out. Here are just a few of the possible offers you can claim.

Promotions Selection

$1,000 on your first deposit

IGT Games Bonus

Daily $2,000,000 Slot Plus Extra Bonus Dollars, Monopoly Big Event

VIP Events

The Ultimate Getaway: Take Your Dream Cruise

Summer in America II

Resorts Rewards

There are several tiers in the Resorts Casino Rewards loyalty program, based on how many points you have earned from playing on their site. Every player qualifies for the bronze level, which only requires 0 Resorts Rewards Points to be a part of. The higher up tiers give you better and more rewards, and some of the incentives in the program include:

  • Free hotel stays
  • Entertainment discounts
  • A VIP host
  • Room upgrades
  • Free cash for points
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Gift Cards

You gain reward points from playing real cash games and can later exchange them for the rewards you wish to redeem. Here is what you get from the different levels of membership:

Membership Level Monthly Points Required

Bronze 0 Reward Points

Silver 650 Reward Points

Gold 2,500 Reward Points

Platinum 11,000 Reward Points

Diamond 25,000 Reward Points

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bonus code?

A bonus code is a simple group of numbers and letters, usually between 4 and 6 digits long, which unlocks a special discount or bonus for you with an online casino company. Different casinos handle bonus codes differently and you can manage to rake in some great deals depending on the bonus code that you use.

Resort Casino-Bonus code

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How do I start playing?

  • The first step to getting started is to open an account with Resorts Casino. You can do that by clicking on the green “Join Now” button on the main page, then following the instructions as it walks you through the whole process of signing up.
  • Once you’ve created your account, you need to add money to it so that you have money to play with. Check the section on accepted deposit methods to see which kinds of payment methods you may use to make a deposit.
  • Now that you have a funded account, all you need to do is select the game you wish to play from the menu of games listed on the main page of the site. You can choose from slots, table games, video poker, etc.
  • Just click on the game you are interested in to get more information about it or to begin playing.

Withdrawing winnings from account: how does it work?

When you have winnings on your account which you would like to withdraw, you simply need to go into the “My Account” section, select “Withdraw” and choose the method you want to receive your withdrawal in. There are three main options: you can choose to withdraw from the Resorts Casino Cashier, to receive an instant bank transfer or to get a check in the mail for the amount of your withdrawal. The check may take a bit more time than the other options, because it first needs to be processed and then can involve a bit of waiting until it arrives. So if you’re looking for the fastest option, getting your withdrawal sent directly as a bank transfer is the quickest method.

What is the Resort Casino bonus code for?

The Resorts Casino Bonus Code covered in this article gives you access to a special offer which entitles you to up to a $1,000 matching bonus on your initial deposit. Other bonus codes will give you different deals, but this one is specific to that individual offer. Some casinos give other kinds of bonuses with their bonus codes, for example free spins, risk free bets or chances to win prizes.

Who much can I play for?

The limits on betting are very specific depending on the game you wish to play. If you prefer a certain kind of betting like for instance micro limit games, or high limit games, you can check those out beforehand by clicking on a specific game and then clicking on the question mark icon on the game to get more information about it. If that doesn’t display the betting limit for the game, you can also either try playing a demo version of it, or open up the actual game and take a look to see what the bet limit is.

Which mobile devices are supported?

The Resorts Casino mobile app is only available for devices running on the iOS system. So that means that only iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch will be supported by this app. If you really want to play the Resorts Casino games on your mobile device and you do not have an iPhone or iPad, you can also try to play by opening the regular website on your mobile’s web browser. It will not have quite the same usability and mobile optimisation for your device as it would if you actually downloaded the real app, but you will at least hopefully be able to successfully play via your mobile this way.

What is the cash out slider?

The cash out slider allows you take out a portion of your bet before a given selection is finished. That means you can choose to take out 10% or 50% or even 90% of your wager, simply by sliding the small slider icon along to choose which amount you want to take out and how much you would like to keep in. When you choose to do that, the part you take out will be immediately settled for the value at the time, and the amount you leave running will have a value dependent on the outcome of that selection when it does close.

What is quick deposit?

Quick deposit lets you set up your account so that it remembers your payment information, making it faster and easier to make payments in the future. When you use quick deposit, you then use the saved payment information instead of having to enter it again each time you wish to add funds to your account. This can definitely save time in the long run, and it means that you don’t have to reach for your credit card each time you want to top off your account.

What is Live Casino?

Live Casino games let you play against a live dealer, just like in a real casino. Often the dealers are charming and attractive young women, so it’s quite fun and social to play and chat with the dealer and other players while you play the game.

What is Geolocation?

Because you must be situated in New Jersey to play and bet on the games in the Resorts Casino, they use a special plugin to verify your location using geolocation. The plugin will automatically download when you begin to play, so you don’t even have to think about it much. You need to have popups activated in order for the download to work, so make sure you have them enabled so that you can get the plugin and thus play the games you would like to play.

Resorts Casino Games


To get help from the customer support team, all you need to do is click on the question mark icon which is situated in the top right hand corner of the main page, then select the method of contact you prefer from the “Contact Us” section on the top right hand part of the page. You have the option to use email, live chat or call customer service on the phone.

By Email

Send email to:

Or use the easy online form, which requires you to fill out your name, email address, the subject of your inquiry, and a message about what you need to have solved. You can also take up the option to upload a file if that will be helpful in solving the problem.

Via Live Chat Help

Click on the Live Help link from the Help section and you will get a pop up window which prompts you to enter your name, email, phone number (optional) and a message so the customer service representative can help you with whatever issue you need to have addressed.

By Phone

844 990 4263 (TOLL FREE)

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